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US Senator Graham vows 'violent pushback' to unilateral Palestinian UN bid 
Visiting Senator Lindsey Graham to Prime Minister Netanyahu: Congress will follow your lead on Iran. We will block a bad nuclear deal • Netanyahu: Israel will stand firm and reject any dictates on peace process with the Palestinians. 

Dan Margalit | Abbas' twisted logic

Since Abbas does not want to embarrass America, he would like the U.N. vote to take place as soon as possible -- and lose. 

Yoram Ettinger | The US president is not omnipotent

The assertion that U.S. foreign policy is shaped by presidential omnipotence can be refuted by a host of recent, and not so recent, precedents. 

Netanyahu urges more sanctions after Iran touts first suicide drone 
Iran's army says drone, described as "mobile bomb," deployed as part of massive ongoing military drills near Strait of Hormuz • Prime Minister Netanyahu: The most important task before us is to prevent this dangerous regime from having nuclear weapons. 

2 Palestinians confess to terror attack that injured 11-year-old girl 
Ayala Shapira is still in life-threatening condition after firebomb lands directly on her • Suspects aged 16 and 17 • Ayala's father: The man who threw this bomb is a soldier in the army of the Arab enemy • Defense minister: We will nab the masterminds. 

PA: Security Council to vote on 'end to occupation' Monday
Chief PA negotiator Saeb Erekat says changes have been made to wording of resolution to make it more palatable to Security Council members, including U.S. • Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal visits Turkey, praises Turkish support for the Palestinians. 

Stunning pictures of Israel from space posted by NASA astronaut
Barry Wilmore "woke up early on Christmas to reflect on the beauty of the Earth" • Cloudless images show Israel's green fields and natural borders • Dead Sea shrinkage easily spotted • Palestinians demand all the area be called "Palestine," not Israel. 

Egypt says 'Exodus' rewrites history, bans it from theaters 
Egyptian ban follows decision in Morocco not to show film • Egyptian Culture Minister Gaber Asfour: Film portrays the Zionist view of history • American moviegoer says she enjoyed the film despite "religious misrepresentations."