News Updates 12/2/14

Berkeley Student react to ISIS flag (Ami on the Street)

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Canadian-Israeli Says She's 'Totally Safe'  -  Apparently the Kurds were right, ISIS was lying.

ISIS Attack on Israel Thwarted  -  Tried to hijack Egyptian missile boat, attack Israeli targets.

**  Islamic State Slave Trade Highlights Broader Problem in Muslim World

Islamist Barbarians Strike Kenya  -  Separate Muslims from non-Muslims, guess who they beheaded.

A Bad Experience With ISIS? No Kidding...  -  Indian student joined ISIS, assigned to cleaning toilets.

ISIS Less Hated Than Israel at U Cal Berkeley  -   ( )

**  Muslim Brotherhood Members in Jordan Arrested: Planned Attacks on Israelis  -  Twenty questioned over plan to smuggle arms into West Bank, Al-Jazeera reports.  Crackdown coincides with Shin Bet exposure of Hamas cell.  -  In 2011, James Clapper, then the Director of National Intelligence (???) for the Obama Administration, testified before Congress ( ), assuring us that the MB "was largely secular, and has eschewed violence".  He must have simply been severely misinformed ... Team Obama wouldn't lie about the MB or their activities.  

Yet Obama... No, It's Unspeakable  -  Wants Qatar, large funder of Hamas and the MB, to lead the peace process !!!

Syria Hid Top Nazi, Deputy to Eichmann  -  In the 1950s Brunner is believed to have fled to Syria.  He reportedly later served as an adviser to President Hafez al-Assad and is thought to have instructed his government on torture tactics.  

**  Outstanding observations  -  Understanding Islamic Terrorism as Religious Sacrifice  -  By acrificing himself, the Jihadist expects to attain an otherwise unattainable immortality.  Existential fears are converted into a twisted form of "heroism" whileIsrael, meanwhile, is expected to help in its own genocide.

Pope Francis Calls on Muslim Leaders to Condemn Terrorism  -  Pope says that global condemnation of terrorism by Muslim leaders would help dispel the stereotype that equates Islam with terror.  -  What a great idea!  No doubt that all of those moderate Muslim leaders will rush out and take his suggestion.

Senator McCain: US Will Not Recognize a Palestinian State (VIDEO)  -  Very unfortunately, that is not his call (or the Senate's) to make.  Obama is likely to try to make the forty-year-long progressive dream come true, by correcting the "historic mistake of the creation of the State of Israel".


Joe Lieberman for Secretary of Defense?  -  Senator Ted Cruz puts forth name of Jewish former senator for key post.  -  I certainly hope not.  Lieberman a proud, observant Jew, would then be put in the position of having to do Obama's dirty work against Israel  ... Which is why Obama just might want to offer the job to Lieberman.