David Harris, CEO of AJC, Speaks Up for Israel


If the stark fact that Hamas seeks to inflict maximum damage on Israel, while Israel’s only aim is attaining long-term quiet on its Gaza border, then our vision has failed us.

If Hamas’s indiscriminate firing of missiles with the hope of hitting any Israeli target, be it a kindergarten or a nursing home, does not stand in stark contrast to Israel’s warnings for civilians to evacuate certain planned targets in Gaza, then something essential is missing from an understanding of the conflict.

This is a time for full-throated support of Israel, the only democratic nation in the region and our most steadfast ally.

This is also a time for Washington to reconsider its regrettable decision to recognize the so-called Palestinian Authority-Hamas “unity” government. After all, that Hamas is the very same Hamas waging this war.

If peace based on two states for two peoples is ever to come — and I pray it will — then Israel’s neighbors must understand the country is strong and here to stay, that the US-Israel relationship is unshakeable, and that only a decisive Palestinian leadership committed to peace, and not in league with Hamas, can help get us there.