It is Painful to Read News Reports on our Mainstream Media

The Jewish people are being attacked with both physical and psychological warfare in Israel and in the diaspora. I am thankful that at least some of the media is covering the news fairly including; Shalom TV, and some newspapers and online media. Propaganda does lead to death, in an atmosphere when an observant Jew traveling to London is afraid to wear a kippah in public. The Jewish Week has the following headlines: "Conflict with Hamas unleashes hatred of Israel"; "It's something you don't get used to, In Ashdod, the rockets keep coming and frustration keeps building"; "The Hamas Strategy, More dead Gazans"; "When journalists lose their moral compass". In fact, "the illegal occupation" is being blamed for the attacks on Israel by Hamas. BDS supporters say that Israel has to pay for her war crimes. Many in the media seem to have forgotten that Gaza not Israel, with more than 1 million Arab citizens,  is an Apartheid area. Every Jew was forced to leave Gaza when Ariel Sharon decided to end Jewish presence in Gaza so that the Palestinians living there have independence. Although there is a blockade of certain supplies used to build tunnels and explosives to be used against israel, the blockade has not been effective enough. 

The universities in the US have been taken over by professors, community organizers and student leaders who accept the false idea that there is a cycle of violence. Only brave students are Zionists. Israel is being asked to commit suicide by giving up more land to create another failed Arab state which can be used to attack Israel even more successfully. Please watch Mark Langfan on Shalom TV to see how important an understanding of both geography and history are to understanding the challenges Israel faces. As Bret Stephens says: I am for a "2 state solution" if the 2nd state is Canada. 

Meanwhile, we have to make every effort to find common ground with Jews and people of all faiths in order to present an united front against the Islamists who are waging a war against Israel, Jews, Christians and the free world. Jews of America; do not stay silent like you were as my family were taken to Auschwitz. Stand up for Israel and the Jewish people.