What Can You Do to Support Israel? from Rabbi Cosgrove PAS

All Israel is responsible for one another." This teaching of the Rabbis reminds us that the war taking place in Gaza isn't just a conflict happening across the world. It is a war that deeply affects us. Many of us have friends, families, and relatives in Israel. Even those of us who don't, feel deep concern for our brothers and sisters in the land of Israel.

Many of you have asked, what can we do to help support the soldiers and the citizens of Israel who have been bombarded with thousands of rockets over the last two weeks?

At this critical moment, Park Avenue Synagogue stands with Israel and will be making a contribution to the UJA-Federation of New York Israel Emergency Fund. We encourage you to do the same, and we offer several other suggestions how to support Israel at this time.

  • Participate in the "New York Stands with Israel" Rally this Monday, July 28 at 12:30 pm in Dag Hammarskjold Plaza (2nd Avenue at 47th Street).
  • Support the Jewish National Fund (JNF), that provides urgently needed mobile bomb shelters to new communities in the Negev and funding for the 24-hour/day operation of the Indoor Recreation Center in Sderot.
  • Register with  The Shmira Project, an ongoing, grassroots program that pairs IDF combat soldiers with Jews around the world who pray for them and perform acts of kindness in their names.
  • And finally, a traditional Jewish response to any event is prayer: prayers of thanksgiving, and prayers of supplication. Join us in shul this Shabbat as we pray for peace, pray for the safety of all innocent civilians, and pray for the safety of the soldiers of the IDF, who bravely stand in defense of the State of Israel.

Israel is engaged in a war and needs our support. This is our task at the moment. This is our shared responsibility. We hope at this critical time, that wherever you stand, you will choose to stand with Israel.