President Obama Abandons Israel by Isi Leibler

From Israel:

This article is from a Isi Leibler, brilliant man who made Aliyah from Australia, having rose to leaderships in the Jewish world. You can see him on Shalom TV and you can read his many important articles on When I visit Israel again, I hope that he and his wife, Naomi, will be kind enough to spend some time with me. We must listen to the Jews who live in Israel. We are one small family who must speak to the public with one voice to protect our people. When we do not, we suffer. Do not be fooled by those who call Obama Israel's best friend. He is not.


The hypocrisy of Obama and others in their condemnation of Israel is mind-boggling when reviewing the various military initiatives and drone attacks undertaken by the U.S., NATO, France, et al. The odious moral equivalence must also be viewed in the context of 180,000 innocent civilians literally butchered in Syria, and with the massacres of the ISIS in Iraq and the rest of the region. As the Israel Defense Forces continue to eliminate the myriad of terrorist tunnels, Obama stepped up his calls on Israel to act more “proportionately,” expressing horror at the casualties and indicating that we are not doing enough to protect civilians. He even stated that once 1,000 Palestinian casualties have been reached, he would force an end to the conflict. It is also widely believed that the Federal Aviation Administration decision to temporarily halt flights to Israel was a calculated political ploy by the Obama administration to further exert pressure. Precisely what further steps does Obama suggest Israel should take to minimize civilian casualties without endangering its own citizens? Would the United States or any responsible government enable terrorists to maintain their operations from mosques, hospitals, schools and homes and continue indiscriminately raining thousands of missiles on its citizens?