Information on Terror Tunnels from Mercaz

Rather than use concrete and iron to build housing, schools, hospitals and a better future for the people of Gaza, Hamas used them to build a subterranean terror fortress underneath Gaza and to manufacture thousands of rockets to fire into the skies above Israel. The demilitarization of Gaza is critical if any ceasefire is to prove durable. Hamas must not be allowed to rebuild its war machine. Effective mechanisms must be put in place to ensure that cement is not used to build terror tunnels, iron is not used to manufacture rockets, and chemicals are not used to fuel explosives. Israel is determined to root out the elaborate tunnel system established by Hamas, which serve one purpose: carrying out terror attacks on Israel. Hamas used a similar tunnel in 2006 in order to infiltrate Israel, kill two IDF soldiers, and kidnap Corporal Gilad Shalit. Hamas has repeatedly said that it wants to kidnap more Israelis in similar attacks.

Despite the fact that Hamas has fired thousands of rockets at Israel, the border crossings through which goods travel from Israel to Gaza remain open and hundreds of tons of food, medicine, and goods are still being delivered to Gazan residents. The IDF opened a field hospital near Erez crossing to treat wounded Gazans and we are working with the Red Crescent in order to treat wounded Palestinians from the Gaza Strip.