StandWithUs is horrified at Hamas' latest barbaric action.  It exposes the nature of the enemy Israel faces.

On July 31, Israel once again accepted a UN-U.S. brokered humanitarian truce to help Gaza's civilians.  Hamas and other terrorist factions reportedly also accepted the 72-hour truce, scheduled to begin at 8 AM August 1. But the terrorists ruthlessly broke the truce within two hours after it had begun. They exploited the truce to deploy a suicide bomber and attack IDF soldiers near Rafah, once again drawing them into heavy fighting.  The terrorists killed two Israeli soldiers and kidnapped a third, Givati Brigade 2nd Lt. Hadar Goldin.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry denounced the “outrageous” violation and demanded that Hamas “immediately and unconditionally release” the missing Israeli soldier. The White House called the abduction a “barbaric violation” of the ceasefire and said it merited international condemnation. UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon condemned Hamas for breaking the cease fire and was “shocked and profoundly disappointed by these developments."

Hamas  and its apologists deny that Hamas broke the ceasefire or kidnapped a soldier, but the evidence is inconsistent with their protestations.   

These egregious actions expose the intractable nature of Israel's enemy Hamas. It cannot be trusted.  Hamas lies about accepting a truce, and uses the temporary calm to renew attacks. Hamas has caused and perpetuates the suffering of Gaza's civilians.  It uses Gaza residents and their civilian structures as human shields, won't let residents heed Israel's multiple layered warnings to flee to safety, permits only Hamas leaders to take shelter in underground bunkers, and diverts humanitarian goods for Hamas combatants. After exposing innocent civilians to these multiple dangers and deprivations, it will not even honor humanitarian truces to help them. In short, Hamas viciously uses Gaza's civilians as cannon fodder.

“Our hearts go out to Hadar Goldin and his family, to the grieving families in Israel, to all of Israel for whom one soldier's death or kidnapping is a personal tragedy.  We also sympathize with the Palestinian victims of Hamas' treachery.  We pray that Goldin will be returned safely, and that through these heart wrenching battles, Israel will prevail and Hamas will be stripped of its ability to ever inflict such crimes again against Israelis and Palestinians,” said Roz Rothstein, StandWithUs CEO.

“We must remember that this is not just about Hamas and Israel.  Hamas is akin to the radical violent extremists sweeping across the Middle East, from ISIS to Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, and Iran itself.  Israel, an island of democracy and decency in the midst of these barbaric forces, is on the front lines of this battle which threatens liberal democracies and decent people everywhere.  We imagine that many Palestinians in Gaza also hope that Israel will free them from the repressive and destructive yoke of Hamas. We stand with Israel and wish it to go from strength to strength so it can defeat Hamas and all the evil it represents, and free the region from a terrible scourge,” concluded Rothstein.