Gaza in Manhattan by Phyllis Chesler and Phyllis on Shalom TV

Last night, my interview with Rabbi Mark Golub aired on Shalom TV. He introduces me at about the five minute mark. We discussed the recent ad paid for by the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network and the nature of the "perfect storm" alliance between the Western intelligentsia and barbaric Islamic totalitarians. I am identified as an author and Fellow at the Middle East Forum but Rabbi Golub also kindly mentioned my latest book "An American Bride in Kabul."

Monday night, on the upper east side of New York City, a gang of anti-Semitic "thugs" attacked a peaceful but visibly Jewish man – he was wearing a skullcap (a yarmulke or kippa). They also attacked his wife.

Two cars "flying Palestinian flags and multiple motorcycles" pulled up to the couple at 8:00 p.m. while it was still daylight. They began yelling "anti-Jewish statements." Then, they threw a water bottle that hit his wife, and, when her husband came to her defense, they "punched him in the head."