Gaza War Created Increase in BDS

In August the Gaza war created a massive upswing in worldwide BDS activity. Economic boycotts of Israel were the most obvious, but impacts were also felt in politics and academia. Initial indications suggest it will be an exceptional year for BDS, especially in academia, and will include antisemitic violence and threats.


There was an incident at Temple University where a Jewish student was verbally and physically attacked by an individual associated with Students for Justice in Palestine. The group later issued an apology, claiming the attack was not made by one of its members. Temple Universityclaims to be investigating the incident.

BDS calls intensified in various academic settings. The executive committee of the American Studies Association (ASA), which in late 2013 endorsed BDS, called for the US to end support for Israel. At the same time, Penn State Harrisburg has withdrawn from the ASA over its anti-Israel stance. BDS resolutions were also pushed by student groups inSouth Africa, Britain, and by a unionized group of graduate students in the US. The latter move met with public condemnations from groups opposed to BDS.