Call the White House to Demand that Israel Not be Held to a Double Standard


Israel is under constant attack by rockets fired from Hamas terrorists in Gaza. But just last week, it was confirmed by the US and Israel that the Obama Administration had blocked the transfer of Hellfire missiles that Israel needs. The missiles were a pre-approved shipment of arms. The process of transferring the missiles was completely in line with the policies of the US Department of Defense, and did not require the approval of the President. But the White House and State Department prevented the automatic resupply of weapons to Israel.

Please call the White House now to tell the President that Israel, a democratic ally of the United States, should not be put on the same moral footing as Hamas, a radical Islamist group that is listed by our own State Department as a terrorist organization, and that the process for weapons transfers to Israel must be returned to its normal procedures.The White House switch board phone number is 202-456-1111. The White House comments line is open from 9am-4pm ET, Monday - Friday. Every phone call makes a difference. Please flood the White House with your calls now.

Here's a sample script: "Hi, my name is X calling from X city, asking that President Obama allow for the routine transfer of ammunition to Israel. Israel has a right and responsibility to defend itself, according to United Nations Article 51. It is unconceivable for the United States to treat our one democratic ally in the Middle East as if it is on par with a terrorist organization. By scrutinizing arms transfers to Israel, the Administration is jeopardizing the very existence of the one stable, reliable, and democratic ally the United States has in the Middle East - Israel."