News Updates August 17-27


Aug 17  -  IS Jihadist from Canada Killed in Iraq  -  And when those who survive return home ...

Aug 26   -  American Fighting for IS Killed in Syria  -  And when those who survive return home ...

Aug 27  -  Second American Killed Fighting for IS in Syria  -  And when those who survive return home ... 

**  Top UK Anti-Terrorism Officer Says Syria-Related Arrests Soar 

But, don't worry ).  -  Obama Administration says that Islamic Caliphate is a "feckless delusion" that is "never going to happen".  -  Now, don't you feel better?   

**  BREAKING: Searchers Find Body of Missing Yeshiva Student in Jerusalem Forest  -  No further details as of now.


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Two Israelis Killed by Mortar Fire on Kibbutz Just Before Cease-Fire 


Poll: 89 Percent of Gaza Palestinians Support Firing Rockets at Israel


Hamas Holds ‘Victory’ Celebrations After Cease-Fire  -  Press conference held outside Gaza’s Shifa Hospital, where senior Hamas officials had been hiding underground.  -  "We defeated the Zionists," he said. "Gaza will get a seaport and an airport and the blockade will be lifted completely."


In Gaza, Cease-Fire Celebrated with Massive Gunfire  


Hamas Arrests 250 of Its Own Members


Hamas Calls to Extend Its "Victory" to the West Bank and Jerusalem 


PA Fatah Official: ‘There Are no Innocent Israelis’  -  Silly moderate!  -  I'm sure he's just kidding.


Police Suspect Israeli Arab Drug Dealers Aided Hezbollah