Algemeiner: Hungarian Mayor Holds Mock Execution of Israelis

Gazans Point Finger at Hamas – ‘The Government in Gaza Doesn’t Do Anything’ – ‘We Need Peace With the Jewish People, Good Relations, Not War’ (VIDEO)
A surprising televised report from Gaza showed residents last week busily going about their lives, shopping in a bustling and well-stocked marketplace, despite the nearly month-long conflict between Israel and Gaza’s rulers Hamas.

Hungarian Mayor Holds Mock Public Execution of Israeli Leaders (VIDEO)
A mayor of a rural town in eastern Hungary held a mock medieval-style public execution...More

Spontaneous Pro-Israel Rally Dwarfs Pro-Hamas Protest in New York’s Diamond District (VIDEO)
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Why Won’t the New York Times Support Disarming Hamas?
By Moshe Phillips and Benyamin Korn
You can tell Israel’s demand for disarming Hamas is gaining traction when the editors at The New York Times stoop to using a headline that has almost nothing to do with the story underneath, in order to undermine Israel’s position...More