Dear Fellow Liberals: I'm Done Apologizing for Israel 

As a species, we don't seem to cotton to facts - especially when it comes to Jews. 

As a liberal American Jew, I’m tired of apologizing for Israel’s actions regarding its own security, and as of last month, I’m done with it.     Israel, despite its highly imperfect record (unlike that of, say, America or France or England or Pakistan or Kenya or Argentina or … ) is the world’s sole guarantee against another frenzy of murderous hatred against my people, a hatred that is once again raising its voice, and fists.

In other words, recent anti-Semitic violence in Europe is the fault of Jewish moral failings.  In other words: Jews deserve it. And what, after all, did (the Jewish State) Israel do?  It went after the terror tunnels.  It said no to the bombing of its civilians.  It said that they meant it when they said "never again."