News Update: 1/2/15

Former NY Gov. Mario Cuomo Dead at 82 - Strongly Pro-Israel and Longtime Friend of American Jews  -  He was from a time when Israel's survival, not its destruction, was a priority for many mainstream Democrats.

Abbas’s Fatah Movement Marks Fiftieth Anniversary With Image Inciting Genocide Against Israelis  -  Barely 24 hours after the PA submitted its application to join the ICC, the Fatah movement of PA President Mahmoud Abbas has published a gruesome image on its Facebook page inciting genocide against Jews.  -  Faour's image shows a Fatah flag attached to a gun emerging from a pile of skulls, several of which are marked with a Star of David.  The image conjures up memories of the corpses which Nazi execution squads dumped into mass graves during the Holocaust.  (See photo at bottom). 

**  Young Israeli Firebombing Victim’s Condition Improving  -   Doctors treating 11-year-old Ayala Shapira, severely burned in a Palestinian firebombing attack (by aspiring heroes, ages 16 and 17) last week, have brought her back to partial consciousness.  -  On Thursday, her doctors decided to lower the dosage of anesthetic she was being given intravenously to numb the pain of her burns.  As a result, Ayala entered a partially alert state, and can respond to her environment but has yet to speak, and is still on a respirator.   

**  Peace Partners Firebomb Jewish Homes in Jerusalem  -  Three firebombs thrown in neighborhood on the Mount of Olives.

Peace Partner Who Stabbed Two Israeli Policemen in Jerusalem Arrested in Ramallah

Israeli Security Center Publishes Names of 50 Killed Terrorists "Concealed by Hamas"          

**  Terrorist Behind Murder of Three Abducted Teens Convicted  -  Husam Qawasmeh admitted to planning the attack that was carried out on June 12 by Marwan Qawasmeh and Amer Abu Aisheh.  The attack was funded by a 200,000 shekel ($51,000) transfer from Husam Qawasmeh’s brother, Mahmoud Qawasmeh, a Hamas operative who was released from Israeli prison in the 2011 Gilad Schalit swap deal and deported to Gaza.  -  Why don't we just set free more terrorists?  You know, as a "goodwill gesture".
Christians in Gaza Fear Future  -  There are just over 2,200 Christians left in Gaza.  Some have become more guarded about speaking about their religion so as not to "provoke" Muslim hardliners.  Christmas celebrations this year have been markedly more muted.  -  Daoud, a businessman, said: "We hear Daesh (ISIS) are in Gaza.  There are warnings, we avoid some places ... When times are bad, people want scapegoats."  -  Jessica Mattas, 17, is one of five students out of 1,200 at high school who do not wear a hijab.  "There is a group of Muslim girls who daily ask me to convert and say I should cover my head," she said. 

**  Sweden Grapples With Rising Extremism  -  Third mosque arson attack in a week.

Report: Egypt Demands Extradition from Gaza of 13 Hamas Terrorists  -  Egypt will remain our (reluctant) ally as long as they have to deal with the threat from Hamas

76,000 Died in Syria's Civil War in 2014  -  Among them; 18,000 civilians, 3,500 children.  -  (Death toll since the start of Syrian civil war is over 206,000).  -  And the whole world goes nutz when the IDF kills one terrorist.

Israeli High-Tech Exits Doubled to a Record $15 Billion in 2014

Jewish Immigration to Israel Reaches 10 Year High in 2014

  Fatah published this image inciting genocide against Jews, just hours after the PA joined the International Criminal Court. Image: Ali Faour