No, Not all refugees are the same!!


No, Muslim Refugees Are Not Jewish WWII Refugees. Here Are ...

In a desperately misguided attempt to placate the palpable fear of allowing thousands of Muslim refugees into United States without proper security screenings just ...

Friends, Jewish leaders, Clergy and family;


As you know,  I am a Psychiatrist who has worked both in the public and private sectors and as an educator since 1975.  That was my answer to the torture and loss my family experienced for the "sin" of being Jewish in the former Czechoslovakia (continually occupied and annexed, now The Ukraine). Amazing, my anger did not propel me to become a terrorist. 

I support "Am Yisrael" and the land of Israel by bringing educational programs to my communities in NYC and in New Jersey. Organizations I work with include: ZOA, JBS TV, JNF, JerusalemU, CAMERA, Reservists on Duty, The Truth about Israel, Our Soldiers Speak, SPACA, Americans for Peace & Tolerance and various synagogues.

 I have been privileged to meet amazing people from whom I have learned a great deal and with whom I have partnered. I am lucky to have the most brilliant and accomplished friends in addition to my loving family and first grandchild.

I am grateful to have a plaque in memory of my father, (William Vilko, Bela Wilkowitz) at Ammunition Hill with the help of JNF. I am grateful to Rabbi Mark Golub for enabling me and my mom to tell some of our stories on JBS TV. I always hope that some of my missing relatives will contact me.

Some time ago a new narrative became popular; comparing Jewish survivors of the Shoah to Muslim refugees. At the same time, my mom and thousands of other survivors in Israel and in the diaspora are suffering because Jewish communal organizations and The Claims Conference have failed them. I was taught that "Tikun Olum" begins at home. Why are so many Jews paying attention to others who want to gain entry to the US while neglecting those people in need already here/

I have gotten the most insulting messages from "friends" about this issue. Even posting articles on Facebook with none of my comments leads to attacks on my character which I also experienced when reserving venues for courses, "Lashan Hara".

I hope that the American Jewish community now suffering from political fighting; intermarriage; apathy; disrespect towards clergy and members of synagogues as well as poor leadership many of whom have abandoned both survivors and Israel, recovers quickly. I will not be using Facebook. Please go to my website instead:

I am currently planning two programs:

February 18-19: Tuvia Tennenbaum (author of Catch the Jew) in New Jersey sponsored by ZOA

March  Defending Israel on Campus part 3 in Manhattan with a panel of speakers including: Ambassador Danny Ayalon, Charles Jacobs, Dr. Mordechai Kedar which will be sponsored by ZOA, CAMERA and others.

Defending Israel on Campus

From a day devoted to informing high school students and their parents of antisemitism on college campuses, Danny Ayalon and Charles Jacobs headline a series of ...

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