NY Times will not report on Ari Fuld's murder

Why has the #NewYorkTimes purged all online references to #AriFuld murder?

New York Times Now Finds Ari Fuld’s Death Not Fit for Website Either
by Ira Stoll
October 4, 2018

…In an article for The Algemeiner last month, I wrote that a search for “Ari Fuld” on the Times website turned up “a wire-service report by Reuters and another by the Associated Press. But there’s no staff-written report by the Times. The wire service reports did not make it into Monday or Tuesday’s print version.” Now even those two wire-service reports have been erased from the Times website. Clicking on the links that once brought them up now generates the message, “Page No Longer Available. This news-agency article is no longer available on nytimes.com.” READ MORE