The Truth About BDS

Ambassador Danny Ayalon, Founder of The Truth About Israel, former Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel and former Ambassador of Israel to the United States discusses the BDS movement and its hateful campus agenda that incites violence against Israel and Jewish university students.

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The Truth About Apartheid

Danny Ayalon, Founder of “The Truth About Israel”, former Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel, and former Ambassador of Israel to the United States explains why the comparison of Israel to an apartheid state is not only false, but also insulting to real victims of apartheid in South Africa, and why apartheid is actually more similar to the discriminatory policies of the Palestinian Authority.

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The Truth About Jerusalem

Danny Ayalon, Founder of the “Truth About Israel”, Former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Israeli Ambassador to the United States

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The Truth about Israel, Issue clips

U.S. aid to the Palestinian Authority is used to finance terror

Of the $400 Million in U.S. taxpayer dollars given each year to the Palestinian Authority, $344 Million (or 86%) is used to pay salaries to terrorists.

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The Truth About the Palestinian Violence on the Temple Mount

In holy sites around the world, including mosques, there are metal detectors to protect worshipers. Only in Jerusalem do the Palestinians refuse them.

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Move the US embassy to Jerusalem

The entire world is watching as US President Donald Trump visits Jerusalem on the 50th anniversary of its reunification. Please share.

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No UNESCO resolution can deny the Jewish people from her history on the land of Israel.

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Palestinian Terror Glorification

Even today, the Palestinians continue to glorify terrorism, encouraging future terrorists.

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Biased Media

Time and again the world media is clearly baised against Israel

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Israel's Legal Founding


Some Amazing Facts about Jewish History

by Dr. Yvette Alt Miller

You'll never look at these stats and figures the same way.

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[VIDEO] UN’s Anti-Israel Bias throughout 2016

by Rabbi Avraham Goldhar

The recent anti-Israel UN declaration is no surprise to anyone familiar with UN. Just take a look at all their resolutions made this year.

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Three Lights: Hanukkah, Shabbat and Havdallah

by Karen Wolfers Rapaport

Understanding Judaism’s requirement to generate light on three different occasions.

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How to Raise Leaders

by Barbara Penn

Instill these five essential traits.

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Crazy Busy!

by Rabbi Efrem Goldberg

Busyness is a harmful epidemic that’s wreaking havoc on our relationships and our emotional and physical well-being.

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[VIDEO] Israel's Legal Founding

by Alan M. Dershowitz and Prager University

In the last century, no country's birth certificate is more legitimate than that of Israel. Why do Israel's enemies routinely challenge the legitimacy of its very existence?

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[VIDEO] The Light Burns On

by Rabbi Menachem Lehrfield

Ignite the flame and spread the light!

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