Anti-Semitism on America's college campuses 2014 -- a brand new video

Please watch this 5 minute video if you haven't seen it. 

Several weeks ago, I had the honor to present our language findings to a national meeting of AEPi hosted by Sheldon Adelson and Mike Leven. At that session, I asked a simple question: how many of the students in attendance have personally seen examples of anti-Semitism on their campuses. To my horror, dozens of hands went up.

So as the cameras rolled, I asked student after student in universities  across America and Canada to tell their personal stories.

Below is a link to a simple but painful 5-minute video that was put together by Aaron Goldenberg, an incredibly talented recent graduate who is leaving shortly to volunteer for the IDF.  It chronicles exactly what is happening on campuses today from the people who have seen it and lived it.

I'm asking you to invest five minutes of your time to hear some of the brightest young people in America today tell their stories:

Anti-Semitism on America's College Campuses

Right now, it has less than 10,000 views. With your help, a million people will see the truth -- and just maybe they will stand up and say enough is enough. Remember, these are our children. This is our future.

Watch the video, share it with everyone you know, so that "never again" will actually mean something.

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