Israel American Council Solidarity Rally for Israel

Amazing speeches by Ido Aharoni, Eliot Engel, Chuck Schumer and others. 

We must speak with one voice in support of the government and people of Israel.

We do not live in israel and we do not bear the brunt of the rocket attacks.

Many Jews think they know the correct course of action that the government of Israel should take without the information or the skin in the game that the people who live in Israel share. No matter how well informed and brilliant we may be, we have no right to contribute to the demonization of Israel, nor to support the BDS movement. And in the end, those who do this are endangering the lives of every Jew and every American. The Islamists are trying to destroy our civilization. Antisemitism is increasing all over the world. Even in NYC and in the Tri-State area we see it.  I, in fact, have been the subject of hateful vitriol in Princeton.

I want to bring your attention to the fact that Shalom TV taped this program and has broadcast many amazing programs about the current crisis in israel.