Israel in Turmoil on Shalom TV: Danny Ayalon

On channel or on your live Shalom TV channel on Cablevision; you will see a series of programs about the current war.

I have been privileged to spend time with and learn from: Ambassador Danny Ayalon; Executive Producer of Shalom TV, Mark Golub; Professor Bernard Lewis; Professor Eugene Kontorowich;  Professor and writer, Thane Rosenbaum; Russell Robinson of JNF; Charles Jacobs; Charles Small of ISGAP; Mark Langfan and Helen Freedman of AFSI; Rabbi Ken Spiro of AISH HaTorah; Rabbi Rafael Shore of; Andrea Levin of CAMERA; Ferne Hassan and Joseph Puder of StandWithUs; Cantor Yossi Malovany; Rabbi Kermaier of 5AS; many lay and professional leaders of AIPAC and AJC.

You too will have the benefit of the relationships that Shalom TV has with all of the major leaders of Jewish organizations by getting news updates, analysis and television worth watching for people of all ages. We are all facing a large group of enemies united by their hatred of Jews because of our race and/or our religion. We need to stick together. The war is one of propaganda and information as well as a military struggle. Make sure to watch the programs on our visit to Hebron and Karnai Shomron last year on