Some Music for Your Enjoyment

Cantor Yossi Malovany is the Warren Buffett of the Jewish liturgical world. He is the ‘wise old man of our profession’. He resonates with maturity, good sense, humility and knowledge. 



Migov ri-cavon vay afar 
Badam uvayeza 
Yukam lanu geza 
Gaon venadiv ve aksar 
Betar ha-nilkada, Yodefet, Masada 
Taromna beoz ve-Hadar 

Ivri gam be oni ben sar
Im eved im helech
No sarta be melech
Beketer David ne etar
Baor u-va-seter
Zachor et ha-keter
Ateret gaon ve-Tagar 

Al kol ma-atzur umetzar 
Im ta-al o-teret 
Ve lahav ha-meter 
Sa esh le-hazit 
"Ein Davar" 
Ki sheket hu refesh 
Hafker dam va-nefesh 
lema-an hahod hanistar 

La-amut o likbosh et hahar 
Yodefet Masada Betar 
From the pit of decay and dust 
With blood and sweat 
Shall arise a race 
Proud generous and cruel 
Captured Betar, Yodefet, Masada 
Shall arise again In all their stregnth and glory 

Even in poverty a Jew is a prince 
Whether slave or tramp 
You have been created the son of kings 
Crowned with the diadem of David 
Whether in light or in darkness 
Always remember the crown 
The crown of pride and Tagar 

Through all obstacles and enemies 
Whether you go up or down 
In the flames of revolt 
Carry the flame to kindle 
"Never mind" 
For silence is filth 
Worthless is blood and soul 
For the sake of the hidden glory 

To die or conquer the hill 
Yodefet, Masada, Betar