Cantor Joseph Malovany

Joseph Malovany - cantor of New York's Fifth Avenue Synagogue since 1973, and Distinguished Professor of Liturgical Music at Philip and Sarah Belz School of Jewish Music, Yeshiva University
"Sim Shalom Toire" arrangement - Joseph Malovany
His is the voice that blesses the crying new-born child; that ushers the departed to their
eternal rest; that sanctifies the lovely bride and anxious groom; and that rises boldly
before the Almighty beseeching for mercy to heal the sick and to forgive the sinner.
Throughout his life, his is the voice that has accompanied his people as a maternal hug
through all the seasons of life.

This week on Building New York-New York Life Stories, Michael Stoler profiles the life of Cantor Joseph Malovany, cantor of the Fifth Avenue Synagogue, and considered by many as the Jewish Pavarotti. They discuss Cantor Malovany's parents, his childhood, the experiences he's had as a Cantor and the many spiritual works he's been involved in over the years.