Explaining Israel: especially for Teens

Clicks" http://IsraelClicks.weebly.com.  Six questions are explored, with each answered in a variety of ways by videos and hyperlinks. The site focuses on what happened in Israel and Gaza this summer, as well as what we assume students may hear on campus - that Israel is an occupier, an apartheid state, etc.  We also offer information about BDS.  A user could "click-through" to view the posts in the semi-logical order that we thought made sense, or click on an item or two that is of most interest.  There's a lot of flexibility.

At School, On Campus, At Work, Or Even While Walking Down The Street, You'll Hear A Buzz About Israel ... 
                       A Buzz That Can Be Confusing.  
Here's Your Chance To "CLICK" And Explore Answers To Questions YOU May Have!
This website is a place to explore YOUR questions about the current situation in Israel.  You'll find "mainstream" resources from multiple perspectives -- that means we've chosen to access CNN, Reuters, IDF, etc.

"Israel Clicks!!" is a project of The Jewish Education Center of Cleveland

We used a platform called Blendspace.comwhich allows the developer to pull from the internet - in our case, we went looking for items that came from mainstream sources (CNN, FoxNews, 

"Israel Clicks!" could be shared with students and they, in the privacy of their bedrooms or dorm rooms, could explore the questions that interest them.  This site could be used by a teacher, youth group leader or perhaps Hillel staff member, though we hope not frontally! One thought is that students could work in pairs or small groups to explore what is of interest to them - they could also and ask and then search the internet for answers to questions THEY have, with attention to the source and its focus.  But what would be most powerful is if students would create a Blendspace on an Israel-focused question of interest to them, evaluating resources available to them on the web (creating their own, if they wish), and then submitting it to the JECC for consideration as another page to this site.  And we would put more up!

Feel free to share this email and our site with your own listservs and colleagues.  Our goal is to get “Israel Clicks!” into the hands of those who would find it useful. 

A link has been permanently parked on the Israel tab ofJECCRespondingtoCrisis.weebly.com.  You'll also find there the JECC's most recent response curriculum published this summer - Israel: Six Lenses.