The IDF Soldier Project

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This summer we took a transformative 10 day trip to Israel with the Manhattan Jewish Experience (MJE). On Thursday morning of the trip, we left Jerusalem for Hebron for what was the most truly inspiring part of this trip. We got off our bullet proof bus and headed to a military base in Hebron. When the soldiers on the base greeted our group, they called us their brothers and sisters. Every time we tried to thank them for everything that they do, they told us it was they who were grateful for our visit and that no thanks was necessary. They reiterated numerous times that our support abroad means the world to them. After our leader, Rabbi Mark Wildes (Founder/Director of MJE) recited a prayer for the soldiers he asked the Commander of the base if there was anything they needed. He answered by asking if we could provide the 88 soldiers of the base with T-shirts, hats, wallets and toiletry bags, all with their unit’s logo. He explained that since in a few months they will all be separated and deployed all over the country, these items with their company’s logo, would serve to keep them bonded with one another, something the commander felt was critical for morale. Rabbi Wildes shook the Commanders’ hand and said: “done”.

Now we need to get it done! Can you imagine what it would be like to live everyday in a place under constant threat of attack from within, with the crucial job of protecting all citizens? What would you do? Who would you turn to? The 88 soldiers in this unit live that situation every day that they serve in Hebron. This project is something we can do to say thanks for putting their lives on the line everyday.

Our goal is to raise $3,600 to purchase the items in order to send these soldiers the items they requested!

The items will be bought in time for MJE’s Blood Drive/Mitzvah fair on Sunday, October 18 at which time we will package the items and send them to Hebron, Israel.

Please join us in helping support these amazing young soldiers who put their lives on the line to protect us everyday.

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