A turning point. Opening wounds, shattering illusions.

Kristallnacht destroyed the heart of Jewish life in Germany, and marked the next chapter in what would become the Holocaust.

Are we hearing echoes of the past in the current rhetoric?

Are we seeing kernels of evidence that history could repeat itself?

Now is the time to remember not only the events, but the lessons of the Holocaust that will help us face today's challenges so that they truly did not suffer in vain. 

Kristallnacht: The Glass is Still Breaking

"Why did the Jews not see the writing on the wall? Why didn't they band together and DO something?"

As we remember the nightmare that befell our people on Kristallnacht, let us ask ourselves what we can do to stop this wave of reminiscent venom that is taking over the world today.

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We hope you will share this with your family, friends and community leaders so that our voices can resound as one when we say Never Again.

The Face of Modern Anti-Semitism: Bernard-Henri Lévy

Anti-Semitism will not return on a large scale unless it succeeds in popularizing this insane and vile portrait of the modern Jew.

It has to be anti-Zionist, it must deny the Holocaust, it must feed the competition of pain—or it will not thrive: the logic is implacable; despicable but compelling to recognize that, ladies and gentlemen, is to begin to see, symmetrically, what you can do to combat this calamity.
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Surviving Terror: Listening To Their Voices, Understanding Their Lives

No matter where or what the motivation – political, ideological, or personal – terrorism has a very real and direct impact on human rights, denying individuals the right to life, liberty, and physical integrity.

How can survivor stories help to personalize and contextualize historical events, humanize the people who have survived or perished, and establish real faces in the overwhelming sea of facts and statistics?

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