Arab Mob in Hebron, watch program at Hebron on JBS TV

This is what the new boycott against Israel looks like.

Arab Mob in Hebron Attack and Ransack Israeli Truck

Arabs in Hebron broke into an Israeli delivery truck and destroyed all the packages within, tossing them onto the street to the wild cheers of the crowd. The products seems to have been Israeli food. 
This week, Fatah authorities started a new campaign against bakeries in the territories that use Israeli flour. Perhaps sensing that people won't boycott bread, they are also framing it as a consumer protection issue, claiming that bakeries that use Israeli flour are price-gouging consumers by charging 4 shekels a loaf ($1) , as they claim it should not cost more than 3 or 3.5 shekels. ($.67 or $.75.) Some are also saying that the bakeries that use Israeli flour are also violating health codes. The new campaign against bakeries seems to be called "let it rot."

Source: Elder of Zion