Yeziti people and earthquake in Nepal: Israel is there

Yeziti People of Northern Iraq speak in Toronto

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The Yeziti people of Northern Iraq speak at a special event in Toronto. The Yezitis need your help. They are suffering great persecution at the hands of ISIS in places such as Mount Sinjar.…

The 60 Second Video About Israel in Nepal That Will Amaze You!

From Israel Defense Forces

Nepal: Israeli Field Hospital Treats 'Miracle' Survivor. International effort: US, Nepalese teams rescue 11-year-old girl, 15-year-old boy who miraculously survived for days under the rubble.

Watch: Nepalese Man Thanks Israel in Hebrew for Saving his Mom.'Israel is helping us, we'll be okay then' - man who worked in Israel thanks IDF for fixing his mother's leg broken in earthquake disaster.

 Watch: 'It's Just Amazing, the Whole IDF is in Nepal' 

New video documents IDF evacuating stranded Israeli tourists to field hospital, and efforts there to save wounded Nepalese.

Chabad Center Serves 2,000 Meals in a Single Day to Nepalis

While Chani Lifshitz was serving up 2,000 meals to Nepalis outside the Chabad House in Kathmandu, her husband, Rabbi Chezky Lifshitz, was out in a helicopter r )

An Inside Look at the IDF’s Unique Medical Technology in Nepal

Published on: April 28, 2015

Even for this Israeli there is good reason to be optimistic.  Maybe because finally after being bombarded with such false negative pr about Israel the truth is being revealed about Israel. Surely the world will begin to recognize a G-dly Israel. Surely, the prophesy of Isaiah, and Micha,  the Nations of the world streaming to Jerusalem, is within reach... 

From Imra: Table: Israel sent largest team to Nepal - source: CNN

Israel 260
UK 68
China 62
US 54
South Korea 40
Taiwan 20
Italy 15
France 11
Switzerland 6
Figures as of April 27, 2015 Start it at the beginning. around 36 minutes. Published on Apr 28, 2015. The Yeziti people of Northern Iraq speak at a special event in Toronto.   Please watch this youtube in its entirety.  The women Yazidi speakers were crying.  I was crying....  This is unadulterated evil, genocide, brutality reminiscent of the Holocaust and it is presently on Israel's northern border with Syria. The threat to us is real.  Unless we address it and fight it and help the victims to cope....the evil will spread. , documentary put out by PBS "Freed but not Freed: Yezidi girls who escaped Islamic State trapped by Trauma" Last summer, militants from the Islamic State group attacked a small ethnic group called the Yazidis, executing men and taking thousands of women and girls as slaves. Special correspondent Marcia Biggs reports from Northern Iraq on the rape, violence, threats and harrowing escapes that some young women endured and their continuing struggles with psychological trauma and stigma.