FINAL VIDEO: 'The World Stayed Silent' with Elie Wiesel

Here is The Clarion Project's last film in the Iran series, The World Stayed Silent, featuring Elie Wiesel: LINK 

The entire 7 part series can be seen here


Over 1.1 million people have now seen our Iran short films and over 40,000 letters have been sent to Congress!

We are excited to present the 7th and final film in our Iran film series, The World Stayed Silent.

We live in an era when once again the world faces a new destructive force. Iran seeks nuclear weapons while its leadership calls for the destruction of Israel.

The world stood silently by while millions of Jews were slaughtered in Europe. Now, more than ever, with the nuclear deal deadline looming, is the time to speak out against Iran and its destructive ambitions towards the US and Israel.

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