Standwithus, B'nai Tikvah, 5AS & Advocates for Israel

The program sponsored by Bnai Tikvah and StandWithUs was a great success.  About 250 people came and many came up to me to thank me. People did come from other synagogues. Rabbi Wolkoff and Danny Greenberg, the head of programming Of B'nai Tikvah are true leaders of the Jewish people. 

Since 2001, I have devoted at least 20 hours/week and a lot of money in order to provide educational programs about PTSD and trauma; the Shoah; Israel and the Jewish people. With my friend and assistant, Johanna Baum's help, I now have a 

I started Princeton Advocates for Israel ( when I had difficulty scheduling speakers at synagogues. I have had many fascinating programs in my home and my apartment in NYC. (Mordechai Kedar, Rabbi Ken Spiro, Rabbi Mark Golub of Shalom TV, Joseph Puder, SPME, Charles Jacobs, Dr. Chuck McHugh, JNF, AJC, Rabbi Bleich of Ukraine) I presented four courses at Beth El Synagogue using (JOU) materials with many sponsoring organizations.  At The Garden Theatre in Princeton, I screened Iranium (JOU), UN ME (Standwithus) and J Street Challenge (AFPT).

At times I became very discouraged and disappointed, mainly because of attempts to silence me and other  "unquestioning" Zionists. However, I renewed my resolve through my friendship and work with Ferne Hassan and Joseph Puder of StandWithUs; Mark Golub of Shalom TV; Cantor Yossi Malovany from 5th Ave Synagogue; Rabbi Ken Spiro of Aish HaTorah; Andrea Gottlieb of; Charles Jacobs of APT; Terry Edelstein; Henri Boll and many others with whom Sid and I now enjoy meaningful relationships. 

My entire career as a Psychiatrist and pro-Israel activist has been motivated by the desire to help people, especially the Jewish people and Israel. If not me who? I could have been a very bitter woman; the daughter of refugees from concentration camps, slave labor and torture who struggled to make a new life in the US. My father was also killed by the Nazis; he died when I was 10 years old.  I credit my parents with giving me the confidence, resolve and ability go to medical school and to become a Psychiatrist when I was 26 and to have 3 children. I am married to the most wonderful man in the world. We have been married for 42 years, If not for Sid, I could never do what I do.

Kasim Hafeez was outstanding, with a call to action for all Jews to Stand up for Israel. He was eloquent and moving; one of the best speakers I have heard. (He is on Shalom TV in an interview) He spoke about the historical Jewish presence in Israel; how Jews gave the world moral values and the basis of Christianity and Islam; Radicalization of youth even in western countries; his journey; the educational system in the Palestinian territories; the college campuses; Evian (No where to go); the Shoah and how all Jews should be proud of Israel and should stand up now! He said that the Arabs do not want peace, they want to destroy Israel as a Jewish country. He Was clear and better spoken than 99% of Jews. 

StandWithUs of Philadelphia, goes as far north as Bnai Tikvah,  led by Ferne Hassan and Joseph Puder. I am on the local board. I am proud to have facilitated this program and the 5 other programs sponsored by StandWithUS (Forgotten Refugees, Edwin Black) and B'nai Tikvah in addition to some I am co-sponsoring (Ken Spiro) and those co-sponsored by (Beneath the Helmet and Honor Diaries). I now have a place to go: congregations in NYC (5th Ave Synagogue) and B'nai Tikvah who are led by Rabbis and lay leadership who support Israel and the Jewish people. 

Last night, at least 250 people came to the program. The Rabbi was thrilled and NJ Jewish News of Middlesex (Debbie Rubin) was there. There will be an article about the program which was taped by B'nai Tikvah.