Abbas' implicit call for violence in Jerusalem In the same week, hundreds of Arabs rioted and a terrorist killed a baby and a young woman

Palestinian Authority TV produced a short video of Mahmoud Abbas calling for Palestinians to prevent "in any way" Jews from going to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Significantly, PA TV then broadcast it 19 times in 3 days. For this video PA TV chose the part of Abbas' speech of Oct. 17 in which he implicitly calls for Jerusalem's Arabs to use violence against Israelis. Jews' presence at the site which is holy to Jews and Muslims, Abbas said, "defiles" the Islamic holy site and must prevented "in any way." Palestinian Media Watch has reported that expressions like "in any way" and "using all means" are common PA euphemisms for various degrees of violence and terror:

"It's not enough for us to say: 'There are those carrying out Ribat' (religious conflict / war over land claimed to be Islamic). We must all carry out Ribat in the Al-Aqsa [Mosque]. It's not enough for us to say: 'The settlers have arrived [at the Mosque]'. They have come, and they must not come to the Sanctuary (i.e., Temple Mount). We have to prevent them, in any way whatsoever, from entering the Sanctuary. This is our Sanctuary, our Al-Aqsa and our Church [of the Holy Sepulchre]. They have no right to enter it. They have no right to defile it. We must prevent them. Let us stand before them with chests bared to protect our holy places." 

The video ends with a picture of Jerusalem and the words: "Arab Jerusalem".


Anti-Semitism on America's college campuses 2014 -- a brand new video

Please watch this 5 minute video if you haven't seen it. 

Several weeks ago, I had the honor to present our language findings to a national meeting of AEPi hosted by Sheldon Adelson and Mike Leven. At that session, I asked a simple question: how many of the students in attendance have personally seen examples of anti-Semitism on their campuses. To my horror, dozens of hands went up.

So as the cameras rolled, I asked student after student in universities  across America and Canada to tell their personal stories.

Below is a link to a simple but painful 5-minute video that was put together by Aaron Goldenberg, an incredibly talented recent graduate who is leaving shortly to volunteer for the IDF.  It chronicles exactly what is happening on campuses today from the people who have seen it and lived it.

I'm asking you to invest five minutes of your time to hear some of the brightest young people in America today tell their stories:

Anti-Semitism on America's College Campuses

Right now, it has less than 10,000 views. With your help, a million people will see the truth -- and just maybe they will stand up and say enough is enough. Remember, these are our children. This is our future.

Watch the video, share it with everyone you know, so that "never again" will actually mean something.

Frank Luntz is one of America’s leading pollsters.

ISGAP Program on Antisemitic Opera

JBS exclusive of an ISGAP discussion of "The Normalization of Antisemitism" reflected in the Metropolitan Opera's "The Death of Klinghoffer" (Oct 20, 2014). With Charles Small (ISGAP), Phyllis Chesler (feminist leader and author), Jeffrey Wiesenfeld (Jewish activist), and a panel discussion with Ben Cohen (Commentary Magazine), Jonathan S. Tobin (Commentary Magazine), Omri Ceren (Commentary Magazine), Dahn Hiuni (artist and activist), Simon Deng (Sudanese human rights activist), Betty Ehrenberg (World Jewish Congress). Including interviews with Mark S. Golub. From the Walter Reade Theater in New York City.


Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon on Charlie Rose

No matter what the question or situation, Charlie Rose has the same solution: giving the Palestinians who have not and do not intend to accept Israel as the national home of the Jewish people, a state of their own. In fact, they have a state in which they have elected corrupt and terrorist governments and from which they launch terrorist attacks against innocent Israeli civilians.

PBS Youtube of Antisemitic Opera: Klinghoffer

An opera at the Met in New York has stirred very strong feelings beyond the arts community. "The Death of Klinghoffer" is based on a real and recent tragedy: the hijacking of an Italian cruise ship and the murder of a disabled Jewish-American passenger in 1985. Jeffrey Brown examines the criticism that the production glorifies terrorism.


Islamic States Tell UN We're Not Pro-terrorism, Jews are fair game

I saw this video in a newsletter from Human Rights Voices, which is dedicated to:

  • drawing attention to real victims of human rights abuse;
  • making transparent the UN's record on its fundamental promise -- to identify, condemn, and protect against human rights violations and confront and respond to threats to international peace and security; and
  • providing an information base for the re-evaluation of priorities and directions for modern-day democratic societies.

Students for Justice in Palestine: on college campuses

The Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) is Hamas on Campus. An organization dedicated to wiping Israel off the map. Find out how the The SJP was created to be Hamas on Campus and work in tandem…

 Link to the 4 minutes video about HamasOnCampus.

HamasOnCampus Website: 

HamasOnCampus Facebook:

Avinu Sh'b'Shemayim: Prayer for the State of ISRAEL

Click CC for translation

Avinu Sh’b’Shemayim – Heavenly Father, Israel’s Rock and Redeemer, bless the State of Israel, the first flowering of our redemption. Shield it under the wings of Your loving-kindness and spread over it the Tabernacle of Your Peace. Send Your light and truth to its leaders. ministers and counselors, and direct them with good counsel before You.

Strengthen the hands of the defenders of our Holy Land; grant them deliverance our God, and crown them with the crown of victory. Grant peace in the Land and everlasting joy to its inhabitants.

As for our brothers, the whole house of Israel, remember them in all the lands of our (in Israel say their) dispersion, and swiftly lead us (in Israel say them) upright to Zion Your city, and Jerusalem Your dwelling place, as it is written in the Torah of Moses Your servant: “Even if you are scattered to the furthermost lands under the heavens, from there the Lord Your God will gather you and take you back. The Lord your God will bring you to the Land your ancestors possessed and you will possess it; and He will make you more prosperous and numerous than your ancestors. Then the Lord our God will open up your heart and the hearts of your descendants, to love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul, that you may live.”

Appear in Your glorious majesty over all the dwellers on earth, and let all who breathe declare: “The Lord God of Israel is King and His kingship has dominion over all.”


Anti-Semitism is Taking Over College Campuses Across America

Are you or any relatives on the way to university? It’s good to be aware of what university students are experiencing throughout North America. Words like “Intifada” or “violent uprising” and phrases such as “from the Jordan to the sea Palestine will be free” are a guise which calls for the destruction of Israel.

Yes, Jewish students are intimidated on the college campuses. Some afraid to wear anything distinctly Jewish, some look over their shoulder to make sure no one is trying to attack them. And non-Jewish students are being bombarded by massive pro-Palestinian propaganda.
Could this really be happening in America?

This is an issue which we cannot ignore and cannot remain silent about. University students are the next generation of American citizens and voters. As long and as much as we are able, every one of us needs to fight this anti-Semitic pro-terrorist campaign to make sure that the United States remains a safe, decent and democratic country.

Rabbi Ed Feinstein at AIPAC: Dayenu

Watch AIPAC 2010: Ed Feinstein | JBS Episodes | Videos ...



AIPAC 2010: Ed Feinstein. A stirring call of "Dayenu" that would end the old story of Jewish persecution and replace it with a commitment to today's Jewish

Mar 26, 2010

A stirring call of "Dayenu" that would end the old story of Jewish persecution and replace it with a commitment ...

Prime Minister Netanyahu at the UN: text and video

Ladies and gentlemen, we live in a world steeped in tyranny and terror where gays are hanged from cranes in Tehran, political prisoners are executed in Gaza, young girls are abducted en masse in Nigeria, and hundreds of thousands are butchered in Syria, Libya and Iraq, yet nearly half — nearly half of the U.N. Human Rights Council’s resolutions focusing on a single country have been directed against Israel, the one true democracy in the Middle East; Israel, where issues are openly debated in a boisterous parliament, where human rights are protected by the — by independent courts, and where women, gays and minorities live in a genuinely free society. The human rights — that’s an oxymoron, the human — U.N. Human Rights Council, but I’ll use it just the same. The council’s biased treatment of Israel is only one manifestation of the return of one of the world’s largest prejudices. We hear mobs today in Europe call for the gassing of Jews. We hear some national leaders compare Israel to the Nazis. This is not a function of Israel’s policies. It’s a function of diseased minds. and that disease has a name. It’s called anti-Semitism. It is now spreading in polite society where it masquerades as legitimate criticism of Israel.

For centuries the Jewish people have been demonized with blood libels and charges of deicide. Today the Jewish state is demonized with the apartheid libel and charges of genocide — genocide. In what moral universe does genocide include warning the enemy civilian population to get out of harm’s way, or ensuring that they receive tons — tons of humanitarian aid each day even as thousands of rockets are being fired at us, or setting up a field hospital to aid their wounded?

Well, I suppose it’s the same moral universe where a man who wrote a dissertation of lies about the Holocaust and who insists on a Palestine free of Jews — Judenrein — can stand at this podium and shamelessly accuse Israel of genocide and ethnic cleansing. In the past, outrageous lies against the Jews were the precursors to the wholesale slaughter of our people, but no more. Today, we, the Jewish people, have the power to defend ourselves. We will defend ourselves against our enemies on the battlefield — (applause) — we will expose their lies against us in the court of public opinion. Israel will continue to stand proud and unbowed. 

Ladies and gentlemen, despite the enormous challenges facing Israel, I believe we have a historic opportunity. After decades of seeing Israel as their enemy, leading states in the Arab world increasingly recognize that together, we and they face many of the same dangers, and principally, this means a nuclear-armed Iran and militant Islamist movements gaining ground in the Sunni world. Our challenge is to transform these common interests to create a productive partnership, one that would build a more secure, peaceful and prosperous Middle East. Together, we can strengthen regional security, we can advance projects in water and agricultural, in transportation and health and energy in so many fields.

I believe the partnership between us can also help facilitate peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Now, many have long assumed that an Israeli-Palestinian peace can help facilitate a broader rapprochement between Israel and the Arab world. But these days, I think it may work the other way around, namely that a broader rapprochement between Israel and the Arab world may help facilitate an Israeli-Palestinian peace. And therefore, to achieve that peace, we must look not only to Jerusalem and Ramallah but also to Cairo, to Amman, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh and elsewhere.

I believe peace can be realized with the active involvement of Arab countries — those that are willing to provide political, material and other indispensable support. I’m ready to make a historic compromise, not because Israel occupies a foreign land. The people of Israel are not occupiers in the land of Israel. (Applause.) History, archaeology and common sense all make clear that we have had a singular attachment to this land for over 3,000 years.

I want peace because I want to create a better future for my people, but it must be a genuine peace — one that is anchored in mutual recognition and enduring security arrangements — rock solid security arrangements on the ground, because you see, Israeli withdrawals from Lebanon and Gaza created two militant Islamic enclaves on our borders for which tens of thousands of rockets have been fired at Israel, and these sobering experiences heightens Israel’s security concerns (regarding ?) potential territorial concessions in the future.

Now, those security concerns are even greater today. Just look around you. The Middle East is in chaos, states are disintegrating, and militant Islamists are filling the void. Israel cannot have territories from which it withdraws taken over by Islamic militants yet again, as happened in Gaza and Lebanon. That would place the likes of ISIS within mortar range, a few miles, of 80 percent of our population.

Now think about that. The distance between the 1967 lines and the suburbs of Tel Aviv is like the distance between the U.N. building here and Times Square. Israel is a tiny country. That’s why in any peace agreement, which will obviously necessitate a territorial compromise, I will always insist that Israel be able to defend itself by itself against any threat. (Applause.)

And yet despite everything that has happened, some still don’t take Israel’s security concerns seriously. But I do and I always will — (applause) — because as prime minister of Israel, I’m entrusted with the awesome responsibility of ensuring the future of the Jewish people and the future of the Jewish state. And no matter what pressure is brought to bear, I will never waiver in fulfilling that responsibility. (Applause.)

I believe that with a fresh approach from our neighbors, we can advance peace despite the difficulties we face. See, in Israel, we have a record of making the impossible possible. We’ve made a desolate land flourish, and with very few natural resources, we’ve used the fertile minds of our people to turn Israel into a global center of technology and innovation, and peace, of course, would enable Israel to realize its full potential and to bring a promising future not only for our people, not only for the Palestinian people, but for many, many others in our region.

But the old template for peace must be updated. It must take into account new realities and new roles and responsibilities for our Arab neighbors.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a new Middle East. It presents new dangers but also new opportunities. Israel is prepared to work with Arab partners and the international community to confront those dangers and to seize those opportunities. Together, we must recognize the global threat of militant Islam, the primacy of dismantling Iran’s nuclear weapons capability and the indispensable role of Arab states in advancing peace with the Palestinians. All this may fly in the face of conventional wisdom, but it’s the truth, and the truth must always be spoken, especially here in the United Nations. 

Isaiah, our great prophet of peace, taught us nearly 3,000 years ago in Jerusalem to speak truth to power. (Speaks in Hebrew.) For the sake of Zion, I will not be silent, for the sake of Jerusalem, I will not be still until her justice shines bright and her salvation glows like a flaming torch. Ladies and gentlemen, let us light a torch of truth and justice to safeguard our common future. Thank you. 


Aish Audio and Ken Spiro

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